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personalized learning, academic advising, post-secondary, decision-making, Independent school, transformational leadership


Guidance counselling in Canadian secondary schools today is coming under greater pressure. There are more students experiencing mental health issues, which impact their wellness. Student wellness demand has an impact on the ability of guidance counsellors to provide deep and meaningful academic and post-secondary advising for students. This OIP will look at one Independent school in Canada and how it is experiencing the same shift in student’s wellness that demands Counsellors attention. This school is also undergoing a transformational change to a personalized learning environment as the predominant teaching and learning model. This shift requires transformational leadership and provides an opportunity for the school’s Student Guidance Centre to align with the personalized learning philosophy and apply it to academic advising and post-secondary decision-making. The school’s mission demands that academic advising and decision-making are priorities for the school counsellors in their work with students toward their post-secondary choice. This decision needs to be deeper and more meaningful for students and this is what will drive the change required. This leads to the Problem of Practice. In a personalized learning environment framework, what are the factors/conditions that deeply impact the post-secondary decisions of students? Academic advising and post-secondary decision-making involve a variety of guidance processes throughout secondary school. These various processes require attention and movement away from the status quo and traditional methods that are currently in place. This OIP discusses various options for change but focuses on one aspect. That aspect is a new personalized online Careers course that is personalized. The student will be at the centre of teaching and learning in the course.