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Doctor of Education




masculinities, gender expression, gender regime, conscientization, disruptive leadership, schools for boys


This inquiry draws upon a variety of philosophical and theoretical perspectives, including post-structuralism, feminist theory and Marxist philosophy for the purposes of identifying an appropriate leadership framework for educators at schools for boys. It is proposed that a disruptive approach to leadership might serve to stimulate the conscientization of stakeholders within boys’ schools with respect to how essentialist notions of masculinity may be limiting student achievement and personal growth. This conscientization may engender a deep interrogation of those programs, policies, and cultural aspects that might be serving to promote unhealthy and/or toxic performances of masculinity. The application of a constructivist and pragmatic lens to the daily work within schools for boys may serve to counter prevailing limiting stereotypes of masculinity and provide boys a myriad of paths to pursue their humanity. The work within this Organizational Improvement Plan may serve to inform educators of boys in any educational context. More research is required regarding practical strategies that might be adopted by educators of boys in light of emerging understandings pertaining to masculinities and gender identity and expression.