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Doctor of Education




: education support, tracking education, servant leadership, transformational leadership


This Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) identifies a need to support, track, and engage employees pursuing post-secondary education in a large-sized police service. The organization’s current investment in post-secondary education support is relatively small compared to the costs that learners face, and this figure has not increased in over a decade. Moreover, though education is tracked upon entering the workforce, due to technological changes these records are not easily obtainable, and any additional educational achievements are not recorded once an employee has started working. Expanding this focus on supporting education will reinforce the recognition of the value that additional education brings not only to the employee, but also to the organization itself. Studies have long established the value continuing education brings to the workplace. The goal of this OIP is to provide a strategy based on the principles of the servant and transformational leadership styles whereby the organization increases the financial support provided for post-secondary education as well as implements new tools to better track this education, with the ultimate goal of better engaging workers based on their educational attainments.