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Doctor of Education




Job satisfaction, employee engagement, team effectiveness, workplace culture, leadership, human resource


This Organizational Improvement Plan presents an actionable plan to the problem of low job satisfaction in the International Department of an Institute of Technology. The connections amongst leadership, workplace culture, employee engagement, and team effectiveness are explored with a view to implementing changes to leadership, employee engagement and team effectiveness that will foster a positive workplace environment with improved job satisfaction. Leaders and staff in the International Department are aware that some members systematically engage in behaviours that are anathema to the institution's ethical principles. Consequently, this has resulted in a plethora of adverse outcomes such as lack of trust in leadership, team and employee disengagement, persistent staff absenteeism, and high staff turnover. In this context, this plan focuses on investigating the relationships amongst leaders and staff, workplace culture, job satisfaction, employee engagement and team effectiveness. The Improvement Plan is grounded within a combined human resource, transformational, servant leadership theoretical framework that places people first, examines conceptual similarities between the theories, and analyzes the contributions leadership can make to the process of change in the workplace. Models for change and intervention are discussed and applied in the design and implementation of this Improvement Plan. The outcome of this plan is a comprehensive leadership solution that will facilitate changes in leadership and workplace culture and which will lead to improved job satisfaction within the International Department.