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Doctor of Education




Refugees, transformative leadership, democracy, Chinese education


This OIP aims to support ABC Academy in its efforts to enable Middle Eastern refugees and other economically and politically marginalized youth to complete their final year of high school in Beijing, China. Transformative leadership, grounded in notions of social justice and democracy, provide a guide for an institution that seeks to bridge the divide between classroom education and social context. A robust framework for implementing change within an insular organization is proposed wherein transformative leadership’s key tenets are augmented by Kotter’s eight-step change model (1996). Capacity building and empowerment provide faculty with the tools necessary to improve student learning and postsecondary preparedness. Institutional leaders can create lasting change by cultivating an environment with shared purpose, frequent dialogue, and detailed frameworks for assessing change effectiveness. The change plan hopes to create holistic learning opportunities in the Chinese education system that aid local and foreign students, leading to improvements within the classroom and beyond it.