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Doctor of Education




Formative assessment, formative summative assessment, student learning and achievement, assessment for learning, instructional improvement, teacher learning communities, culture of assessment, transformational leadership, instructional leadership


This Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) capstone addresses the Problem of Practice (POP) pertaining to the lack of a robust system of authentic formative assessment at the Department of Business Administration (DBA) in an Arabian Gulf University. A synthesis on the literature around formative assessment has informed a conceptual model for the POP which highlighted the importance of formative assessment and its positive influence on student learning. This OIP designs a comprehensive and systematic plan which guides change towards the improvement of the POP, targeting stronger system performance and enhanced outcomes for student learning. Using an organizational culture lens, this OIP examined cultural and contextual gaps within the DBA and pinpointed necessary changes to support the integration of formative assessment. Through the amalgamation of transformational and instructional leadership (Day & Sammons, 2013; Hallinger 2003; Marks & Printy, 2003) practices and using the Change Path Model (Cawsey et al., 2016) and Kotter’s (2014) eight accelerators for change, this three chapter OIP sets a vision for change and delineates a foundational change plan for implementing formative assessment at the DBA. The plan centers around two goals: (1) building faculty capacity and (2) building cultural capacity. Strategies elected for the achievement of these goals include faculty Professional Development (PD), the formation of an instructional leadership team, peer coaching, Teacher Learning Communities (TLCs), faculty empowerment, and the promotion of values pertaining to assessment for learning within the DBA culture.