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Doctor of Education




social justice, critical theory, adaptive leadership, geographical isolation, rural schools.


The motivation of this Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) is rooted in attaining more equity and social justice for marginalized groups in rural, geographically isolated sections of Labrador. The focus of the change process within the social justice frame is the lack of resources in these rural schools. The broad base of the resourcing issue encompasses lack of rural staff, books, manipulatives, technology, games, funding, community supports, consumables and all other standard school accompaniments. Departmental funding for our schools is very limited, this is an extensive and significant issue in most rural schools in the area, and this OIP plans change in the specific area of the monetary funding of these organizations. The change approaches used in the plan are a blend of critical theory, adaptive leadership amalgamated with other leadership approaches, and several models and processes to analyze and guide change. The plan recommends a two-fold approach of coalition formation to raise awareness among School District X and the union, known as the Newfoundland and Labrador Teacher’s Association (NLTA) of the resourcing issue, while concurrently increasing the capacity of the local communities to fundraise for the school. The implications of this change process are that these schools are unfairly funded and need significant change in order for students to receive an equitable education. This will be of interest to similar schools implementing funding or other changes with the intent of freeing specific groups from oppression and helping to build social justice.