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Doctor of Education




service learning, strategic plan, professional learning communities, inclusive leadership, democratic leadership, international school


The problem of practice for this OIP is that School X set strategic aims in 2013, and in 2018, two have still not been met. These aims included opportunities for students to develop leadership skills, and provide a learning-based approach to service. School X has a structure in place that offers the opportunity to build on an existing service-learning program, and further integrate service learning into the curriculum. This OIP uses the Change Path Model to propose structural changes within the organization. It utilises inclusive and democratic approaches to leading change that highlight two-way dialogue (Ryan, 2016, as cited in Griffiths & Portelli, 2016) and collaboration (Woods, 2015, as cited in Griffiths & Portelli, 2015) to improve the culture of the organization, contributing to its symbolic role in the local and global community. The structural change includes creating a professional learning community (PLC) that will develop service learning within the curriculum. The PLC Coordinator and coaches will collaborate with teachers to develop curriculum, seen in the processes for change, communicating change, leadership approaches to change and practical application of how the change will occur at School X. The potential for creating a positive culture at a school where stakeholders are reassured in the organization’s ability to meet their strategic aims is shown through the ability and agency that staff within the organization already possess.