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Doctor of Education




culturally responsive teaching practices, adult education, workplace education, critical theory, exclusion of learners, transformative leadership


This Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) focuses on a nonprofit organization resolving a problem of practice (PoP) that was identified following the withdrawal of its funder’s support. The problem is an absence of culturally responsive teaching practices (CRTP) in the pedagogy knowledge of subject matter experts (SMEs) who are hired to instruct capacity-building programs within community partner organizations. These organizations are working to instil a culture of equity, diversity, inclusion, and decolonization. This OIP unpacks this PoP and creates a pathway forward to implement a change initiative based on a triad model solution: policy, beliefs, and practice. This multifaceted approach results in establishing policy that influences SMEs to participate in CRTP professional development that can shift their beliefs and pedagogical practices. The triad model solution prevents learners from being excluded in today’s diverse workplace education classrooms, online and in class. To implement this triad solution and realize lasting change, leaders must adopt a critical theory lens and lead with transformative leadership. The exclusion of learners is a problem that exists in other adult education learning environments, such as corporate settings. Therefore, this triad solution may prove to be effective in reforming adult education practices in other organizational learning environments.