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academic advising, training


This Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) aims to improve consistent and coordinated academic advising at a medium, multi-campus higher education institution (HEI). It recognizes the vital role of academic advising in supporting a student’s academic journey. The OIP delves deeper into the responsibilities of HEI leaders with regard to facilitating the capacity of academic advisors to support students in their academic and personal growth and development. The present state of affairs suggests that academic advisors are not positioned to support and facilitate a student’s growth and development. The OIP seeks to gain a comprehensive understanding of the underlying factors contributing to the issue by providing a historical overview and reviewing academic advising literature, wider contextual factors, and organizational theories. The OIP proposes utilizing adaptive and systems thinking leadership as the primary leadership approaches to lead the proposed change. Integrating various approaches can strengthen one another and address gaps, enabling change leaders to identify the issue and comprehend its interconnectedness more precisely. The problem is framed using the political and systems perspectives. Understanding resistance plays a vital role in this OIP. Therefore, Kotter’s Eight Step Change Model is utilized to lead the change process, and the Krüger Model of Change Management is utilized to ensure that the human element of the change process is not overlooked. The change recommended in this OIP is multifaceted and complex. The goal is to transform advising practices and develop institutional accountability and responsibility to students and advisors through the implementation of a training program.