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international school, social capital, professional capital, social justice leadership, local hire faculty, foreign hire faculty


Local hire faculty – often trailing spouses to expat workers sponsored by organizations other than the identified organization - do not possess the same opportunity as their foreign hire faculty peers – educators hired from international locations sponsored by the identified organization - to garner social capital amongst their professional colleagues within an international school. Recent shifts in housing benefit allowance practices has complicated this identified problem of practice by isolating non-sponsored local hire faculty. This can lead to relinquished professional capital for the out-group local hire faculty population.

The Problem of Practice (PoP) is framed within the context of the Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) through the critical framework, specifically through the lens of leadership for social justice. The OIP approaches the recommended change process through the use of Kotter’s (2014) Eight Accelerators for Change, identified as a tool and model familiar to leaders within the organization. The tool/model will be used to communicate the need for a forum for local hires to reflect on their experiences interacting within the culture of the organization, so that recommendations for social capital improvement amongst this group may be considered by its formal leaders.

The framing of the PoP will result in the promotion of out-group members into positions within a collaborative team that will drive opportunities for out-group capital development in the organization. The result will not only be an organization more readily able to meet the guidelines of their accreditation review, but will also lead to a more socially just professional and social environment for all faculty that it employs.