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multi-campus, professional development review, professional capacity, team leadership, transformational leadership


The institutional knowledge gap for campus administrators (CAs) across a multi-campus college is the Problem of Practice (PoP) to be addressed in this Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP). A multi-campus college has initiated a new professional development review (PDR) for CAs to improve professional excellence across the organization. The PDR launched to identify professional development needs for college managers, to improve operational efficiency, and to help the college achieve its strategic goals. CAs shoulder the responsibility for the campus-level implementation of college policies and procedures which necessitates a firm understanding of college operations and effective leadership and management skills. When there are knowledge gaps, there is a risk of inconsistent application of college directives across the campuses. Creating learning opportunities for both new and current CAs would lead to strong PDR outcomes, improved professional capacity, equitable access to learning, and consistent campus operations. The principles of social network theory in conjunction with team and transformational leadership will guide the development of solutions to address this PoP. Developing both formal and informal learning opportunities can create an organization that supports and grows the professional capacity of CA team. Therefore, an onboarding program coupled with a networked learning community is proposed to increase professional development opportunities for CAs. The implementation of the change initiative at the college will be guided by the change path model and the plan-do-study-act cycle. The outcomes of this OIP can be extended to other college department managers and other multi-campus educational institutions.