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Doctor of Education




Culture, Social Constructivist, Equity, Marginalization, Transformational Leadership, Information Management System


This organizational improvement plan presents a continuous organizational change approach that addresses communication issues between leadership and two culturally distinct departments, the Anglo Western and European, in an established Asia-Pacific international school. Communication is valued in the school’s strategic vision of raising the profile of its European culture. However, communication from leadership to Anglo Western teachers concerning how to support the European department remains an area of inaction throughout the organization. The organizational improvement plan explores internal communication between leadership and teachers by drawing on the theoretical concepts of organizational learning theory and transformational leadership to facilitate change and address issues of equity and marginalization of the European department. The change plan is situated in social constructivist theory using a conceptual framework based on social interactions at the individual, group, and community levels to explore organizational challenges. The plan addresses how to close gaps in communication between leadership and Anglo Western teachers, as well as reduce negative impacts on the school’s European language and culture through the inclusion of two ethical paradigms. An iterative plan-do-study-act cycle is integrated for monitoring and evaluation of the plan, and data is presented in compliance with a regional data protection ordinance. It is suggested that a cohesive information management system be leveraged to institutionalize transparent internal communication and support the school’s strategic vision. The plan exemplifies how applied theory may improve organizational communication and how this outcome can reduce marginalization of a department to result in far reaching beneficial consequences for the school under study.

Keywords: culture, data protection ordinance, equity, internal communication, international school, organizational change, social constructivist theory, transformational leadership