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Doctor of Education




Mental Health, Behaviours, Resiliency, Well-Being, Teacher-Student Relationships, Capacity Building


This Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) explores ways students designated with mental health and/or moderate to severe behaviour disorders can be supported to successfully transition between grades and through to graduation at Creekside Secondary School, a large secondary school in British Columbia. Current data shows these students are not experiencing the same success as their non-designated peers, feel less connected to their school, and have much lower rates of graduation. Referrals to tier-three alternate programs is the current practice if the school is unable to meet the needs of the students to fully include them in their mainstream classes. This OIP finds that teacher perceptions of students with these designations, as well as the psychological well-being of teachers, greatly impacts the experiences and success of vulnerable learners, with negative teacher perceptions contributing to the marginalization of these students. Furthermore, it is found that both the mental health and well-being of teachers and students are influenced by the quality of the teacher-student relationship. Implementing structures and processes which promote a sense of attachment and belonging among students, and developing resilience and well-being among staff, are explored through an inquiry change model to reach the desired outcome of having all students at Creekside feel safe, included, and experience success in their education.