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Doctor of Education




Instructional leadership, teacher leadership, distributed leadership, assessment, teacher learning, collaborative inquiry


In an era with increasing accountability and pressures to increase student achievement across all levels, school-based leaders need support in bringing about such changes. The problem of practice addressed in the organizational improvement plan is stated as: A document known as Saskatchewan Reads for Administrators exists to support leadership for best practice in reading in elementary school. No such document exists for writing. The problem of practice under investigation is the need for a strategic approach to support school leaders in improving student achievement levels in writing. Attempting to address this gap in a comprehensive fashion and using a strategic approach means lending credence to the myriad of factors that makes change successful and sustainable. Facets of school structure, leadership approaches and practices focusing on instructional, distributed and teacher leadership, staff development and teacher learning through collaborative inquiry, and improved assessment techniques need to be given due attention. Improving writing achievement has long been a goal, and a struggle in Saskatchewan. Throughout the struggle, advancement in writing has not occurred, and specific areas need to be attended to in order to make it happen. To attain the lofty goals set by the province, schools need to make these areas a priority.