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registrar, student services, advising, education, universities, service delivery


Post-secondary institutions are constantly working to improve their students’ on-campus experience. In this Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP), I address the registrar office’s service operations of an Ontario University’s opportunity to adopt a new service delivery model to improve the student experience. Many other Ontario universities, including John State University (JSU; a pseudonym), are facing an increasingly competitive landscape. Delivering a high-quality student experience through service is a strategy to distinguish the institution from its competitors as well as respond to performance metrics that the Ministry of Colleges and Universities reviews. The registrar’s office is implementing a new service delivery model, within its Student Support and Advising office as part of the institution’s overarching effort to improve the student experience. This OIP is created by a senior leadership team member in the Office of the Registrar and employs a servant and transformational leadership approach. This plan uses Kotter’s (2012) 8-step plan and Bridges’ (2009) transition model to lead the change process, as well as Rockwell and Bennett’s (2004) Targeting Outcome Program and Deming’s (1994) Plan-Do-Act-Study (PDSA) evaluation models to determine the impact on operations, staff, and students. To support the change efforts presented in this OIP, a communication plan and guiding questions are also provided.