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Doctor of Education




underreporting, sexual violence, university, transformative leadership, organizational change



This Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) addresses the lack of sexual violence (SV) reporting at an undergraduate university (Coastal U; a pseudonym) where values of equity, diversity, and inclusion are espoused. Nonetheless, students from diverse cultures at Coastal U report a lack of visibility, unclear pathways for reporting, poor student and staff education, and numerous reporting fears, culminating in a lack of SV reporting. A critical and intersectional feminist lens frames this issue as one of social injustice, wherein inequity and lack of inclusion are problematic. Institutional context, capacity, and readiness, together with consideration of external factors, led to three possible solutions. Developing a comprehensive SV website is put forth as the most viable and valuable solution, with the hiring of a full-time SV coordinator prior to site implementation. Although some cost, time, human resources, and information technology would be needed, the benefits would be substantial. A change implementation plan is outlined based on a transformative leadership approach, in collaboration with the relational agency of a senior transformational leader. A strong communication plan, inclusive of all stakeholders, provides direction in all stages of the change plan. The OIP will be monitored at each stage of the change process and a formal evaluation is scheduled after the website and SV coordinator have been institutionalized. Next steps for improved SV reporting and SV prevention are discussed. Although the emancipation of SV will take years of intentional change, this OIP will bring Coastal U one step closer to eradicating the oppression that keeps survivors from reporting, bringing them in closer contact with much-needed supports and accommodations.

Keywords: underreporting, sexual violence, university, transformative leadership, organizational change