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performance appraisal, performance evaluation, performance assessment, performance review, performance management, educational leadership, human resources management, authentic leadership, Complexity theory, Complex Adapative Systems, Social Exchance Theory, Change Path Model, Change Process Theory


Organizational changes can be successful when approached with an appreciation for an appropriate change management strategy that aligns with the organizational context and the change that is being implemented. In this Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP), the performance evaluation process in place at University Y will be looked at and recommendations will be made for improvements. Special attention will be given to the requirements for a successful change management process. An authentic leadership approach is the preferred approach for the purpose of this OIP. Complex Adaptive Systems is a field within Complexity theories and will be used in order to address the problems that have been identified within the existing performance evaluation process at University Y. Along with Complex Adaptive System Theory, Social Exchange Theory will also be utilized. Both Beckhard and Harris’ (1987) Managing the Change Process Theory and Cawsey, Deszca, and Ingols (2016) Change Path Model will be used to lead the change process.

This OIP could be adapted to fit the needs of other organizations struggling with their own challenges relating to performance evaluations.

Key words: performance appraisal, performance evaluation, human resources, change management process, authentic leadership, Complexity Theory, Complex Adaptive Systems, Social Exchange Theory, Change Path Model, Change Process Theory.