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Doctor of Education




Well-Being, Advisory, Pastoral, Adolescence, Middle School


During the adolescent years, which coincide with the years of middle school, a student’s inward sense of self-awareness shifts to an acute awareness of others’ perception of them. More so than any other period in a student’s development, it is the middle years where their physical, emotional, and cognitive changes are on full display to everyone around them. This Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP), based on a research-driven understanding that the middle years of school present unique challenges in all aspects of student life, looks to develop and implement a middle school program that addresses the unique needs of adolescent students to support their personal, social, academic, and emotional well-being at a private, for-profit, international school in South East Asia (SEA). The plan combines a blend of transformational and servant leadership models to guide stakeholders through Kotter’s (2012) model of eight stages of change. I propose strategies and solutions to be implemented, based on expanding teacher pedagogical approaches and leveraging existing structures and programs in place, through PDSA cycles combined with Markiewicz & Patrick’s (2016) monitoring and evaluation frameworks and the existing action planning and monitoring process already in place at the school. A strong communication plan ensures that stakeholders understand the plan and process.

Keywords: Kotter, transformational leadership, servant leadership, adolescence, well-being, international education, middle school, advisory program, pastoral