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Doctor of Education




Community-Based Policing, Traditional Policing, Blended Change Framework, EDI Coordinator, Service X, Recruiting



Police services across Canada have been criticized for years surrounding their lack of equity, diversity and inclusion of females within their respective organizations. The problem of practice (POP) addressed in this organizational improvement plan (OIP), analyzes and focuses on the lack of female recruits applying to Service X. A gap and PESTE analysis identified three main areas of focus to effect organizational change associated to this organizational improvement plan. Recruitment and a need for examining the fitness testing of the constable selection system along with implementing advance/proactive recruitment interventions. Organizational culture and a plan for implementing a robust training approach along with resources for police officers to increase their knowledge and awareness, directed towards mitigating systemic gender inequality traditionally found in the culture of policing. Finally leadership, the aforementioned change areas shall be propelled through the appropriate leadership approaches of transformational and team/collective leadership. The former, to challenge the status quo and address higher-level needs, while the latter encourages collaboration and building commitment. A reinvestment of several personnel including officer and civilian support, throughout the organization while aligned with its new 2021 – 2024 strategic business plan objectives, provides a more effective and efficient approach to ensure oversight and accountability measures are in place to facilitate increasing and supporting females within Service X.

Keywords: organizational change, systemic gender inequality, organizational culture, police culture, transformational leadership, collective/team leadership, recruitment