Date of Submission

Spring 5-9-2017

Document Type



Doctor of Education



OIP Defense Chair

Dr. Elan Paulson


academic integrity, academic honesty, Giving Voice to Values, social justice in post-secondary education, ethical leadership, team leadership


This Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) presents a faculty-driven organizational response to the problem of inconsistent understanding and practice of academic integrity at an Ontario college. The College works from the definition of academic integrity as a commitment, even in the face of conflict, to its six fundamental values of courage, fairness, honesty, respect, responsibility, and trust (International Center for Academic Integrity, 2014). However, teaching students how to translate the six values of academic integrity into actions and behaviors poses a challenge for faculty at the College. Adding to the complexity of the challenge is the College’s organizational focus on social justice; academic integrity education must be accessible, meaning that all students, regardless of their educational, cultural, or socioeconomic background, can understand its content and design. In response to this institutional problem and challenge for faculty, this OIP proposes a faculty-led academic integrity education program based on Gentile’s (2010) Giving Voices to Values. With its curriculum focus on rehearsing actions, Giving Voices to Values can be used by faculty to educate students so that academic integrity is consistently understood and practiced at the College. The OIP contributes to the application of team leadership and ethical leadership to an educational context and furthers the study of Giving Voices to Values as an approach to organizational problems of practice, specifically the improvement of academic integrity at post-secondary educational institutions.