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Doctor of Education




international students, sexual violence policy, higher education, transformational leadership, transformative leadership, policy cycle


ABC University (ABCU; a pseudonym) is a Canadian university that has seen a significant increase in international students in the past several years. Institutional infrastructure has not fully adjusted to the new student demographic, meaning that processes, policies, and resources still cater to domestic student needs. The problem of practice (PoP) addressed in this Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) is the lack of intercultural perspectives and international student considerations represented in the ABCU 2020 sexual violence policy draft. Policies that protect student health and well-being must be inclusive and responsive to the needs of the student population. Drawing on recommendations outlined in a research project report, this OIP discusses why policy reform is necessary through critical and intersectional perspectives. Moreover, it provides a framework for change that was developed using Cawsey et al.’s (2016) change path model and Lasswell’s (1956) policy cycle, while being complimented by Kotter’s (1996) sense of urgency. Four possible solutions are presented to resolve the PoP. The chosen solution discusses how the policy should be changed, with supporting artifacts developed and added that address gaps outlined in the research project report. The OIP continues with a detailed implementation for the chosen solution through transformative and transformational leadership approaches, followed by a sustainable monitoring and evaluation plan. It concludes by discussing possible next steps and future considerations upon OIP completion. Implementation of this OIP will create a safer and more equitable campus for all students at ABCU and set precedent for more inclusive sexual violence policies in higher education.