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Doctor of Education




integrated services, registrar’s office, eight-step change framework, distributed leadership, adaptive leadership


Postsecondary institutions are continually striving to improve the experience their students have on campus. This Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) addresses the lack of a strategic approach to the implementation of an integrated services model within an Ontario college’s registrar’s office (RO). Preemptive College (PC; a pseudonym), along with many other Ontario institutions, is facing an increasingly competitive landscape; providing a high-quality student experience has been identified as a way to differentiate the institution from its competitors. The adoption of an integrated services delivery model within the RO is one aspect of the institution’s overall plan to enhance the student experience. This OIP is constructed through the lens of a middle manager within the RO and utilizes the leadership approaches of both distributed leadership and adaptive leadership. A strategic approach to the adoption of an integrated services model within the RO is presented using the plan-do-study-act model and an eight-step change framework. The model and framework are used in combination with a series of guiding questions to outline a plan for monitoring the change effort and evaluating the impact the new model is having on the institution. A detailed communication plan guided by the leadership approaches of distributed and adaptive leadership is also outlined.