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Doctor of Education




Special Education, Amalgamation, District, Complexity Theory, Transformative Leadership, Indigenous


This Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) addresses the inequitable services and supports currently available to students with complex needs throughout a newly amalgamated First Nations school district. This problem of practice explores how services for students with complex needs can be unified in a way that provides equity between schools, while being responsive to individual student needs. An overview of historical and current organizational contexts is provided, and personal and organizational leadership positions and lenses are investigated. Guiding questions emerging from this problem of practice are explored, including the capacity and professional learning needs of school-based staff, physical and human resourcing needs, and resistance of school-based staff to proposed district changes. Grounded in complexity theory, current and envisioned future states are considered, exploring potential change drivers and organizational change readiness. A framework for leading the change process is reviewed from a critical transformative leadership approach, viewed through an Indigenous leadership lens. Potential solutions are discussed, along with plans on how to implement, monitor, and measure change. An implementation, evaluation, and communication plan is described, providing a framework for change through an analysis of relevant theories, research, and organizational data. Next steps and future considerations are also reviewed to ensure ongoing organizational growth. Upon implementation and institutionalization, this OIP will ensure that students with complex needs are offered programming that better meets their individualized needs, while allowing for consistent service delivery as they transition between schools within the district.