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Learning Management System (LMS), Adoption, Adaptive Leadership, Situational Leadership, Change Path Model


The motivation behind this organization improvement plan is to reap the benefits of online learning, enhance teaching and learning, and consequentially increase student achievement. This organizational improvement plan addresses a problem of practice in an Indigenous ministry inspected secondary school in Central, Canada. Indigenous people are achieving fewer and lower levels of educational attainment compared to non-Indigenious counterparts and Indigenious students in the community this OIP is situated are likewise at-risk of widening this gap (Statistics Canada, 2011; Deloitte, 2018). To narrow this gap, this school is centered on using technology to pay tribute to the past. Online learning offers organizations a variety of teaching and learning benefits. In pursuit of enhanced outcomes, more and more K-12 organizations are attempting to adopt a Learning Management System; however, instead of experiencing the promised potential of online learning, organizations are receiving frustrations and lackluster results. The leadership approach selected to drive forward change in this endeavour is the adaptive leadership approach complimented with characteristics of situational leadership. The change path model is selected as the framework for leading the process of organizational change. Additionally, the plan, do, study, act model serves as the model for change. Collectively the change path model in tandem with the plan, do, study, act model and former leadership approaches all work together to implement, evaluate, and communicate the change.