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Doctor of Education




strategic enrollment management, data-informed, cultural change, authentic leadership, distributed leadership


Higher education institutions are focusing significant energy to attract and retain students through strategic enrollment management (SEM). This organizational improvement plan (OIP) addressed the lack of a data-informed approach to strategic enrollment management at a small Canadian University campus. Although the SEM process is complex, without a data-informed approach to SEM, institutions are wasting their time and resources. This organizational improvement plan used a cultural change approach as well as a combination of authentic and distributed leadership approaches to provide a solution to the problem of a lack of data-informed strategic enrollment management at a Campus X. With enrollments almost stagnant for two decades at Campus X, deep change in process and institutional culture are necessary. Using existing institutional data, a strong case for the urgency of change was demonstrated. To change the processes at the institution, a clear change process was outlined. To change the institutional culture in a deep and meaningful fashion, a longer and in-depth change process was discussed. To create deep cultural change, the ethical consideration of changing institutional culture and using student data was discussed. Institutions must ensure that they have the appropriate policies and procedures in place to adequately address student privacy concerns. At the forefront of any change process are the plans to communicate. Guided by the leadership approaches of authentic and distributed, an in-depth communication plan, and process was outlined to address the changes in process and to work to create deep cultural change in regards to a more data-informed approach to strategic enrollment management.