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Doctor of Education




Indigenous Education, adaptive leadership


Organization X is one of nine Indigenous post-secondary institutions in Ontario. For over 25 years the organization has been operating on funding from partnership and grant proposals that is renewed on a yearly basis. In 2017, Ontario recognized Indigenous Institutes as the “third pillar” of Ontario’s post-secondary landscape which is to be implemented through the Indigenous Advanced Education and Skills Council (IAESC) who provides the quality assurance framework for Indigenous institutions. This Organization Improvement Plan (OIP) explores the problem of linking Indigenous and western ideologies and epistemologies within a change management plan to successfully implement this change. The plan considers two different leadership approaches, adaptive and transformational, that can be used by change leaders to identify and support Indigenous people and stakeholders through this time of transition. Further, this OIP will provide recommendations for a change management plan that recognizes the diversity of the organization but also the uniqueness of being an Indigenous post-secondary institution. The overall goal is to discover how Indigenous culture, traditions and knowledge can support western theories of change management to achieve the desired future end state for the organization. If implemented, this solution would provide Organization X with a solid structure and organizational culture that supports their mission of becoming a world leader in Indigenous education.