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licensed practical nurse, additional education, skills training, scope optimization, specialty patient population


A large health authority serving specialty patient populations, referred to hereafter as Organization M, is hiring Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) in the place of Registered Nurses due to nursing shortages. LPNs are not educationally prepared to work in specialty patient populations. As a problem of practice, LPNs need additional education and skills training to work in Organization M. Literature reveals that the level of education nurses possess impacts the quality of patient care and safety (Needleman, 2017). This Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) focuses on identifying the additional education/skills training LPNs need and how Organization M can provide this. A critical organizational analysis identifies that there are many drawbacks to Organization M hiring LPNs and not providing them with the additional education/skills training they need. The analysis identifies multiple factors that leaders must consider prior to hiring LPNs or optimizing their scope. The OIP recognizes that Organization M identifying and providing LPNs with the additional education/skills training is the only feasible solution. A LPN Introduction/Scope Optimization (LISO) framework is created to provide guidance to leaders of the factors necessary to judiciously hire LPNs or optimize their scope. The aim of the LISO framework is to ensure LPNs in Organization M receive the additional education/skills training they need. Through the implementation of the LISO framework LPNs will be able to work to their optimal scope while providing safe and competent care when working with specialty patient populations.