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Doctor of Education




Higher Education; Internationalization; Marketization


Internationalization of higher education may have “lost its way” Knight (2014), such that “the end of internationalization” may be on the horizon (Brandenburg & de Wit, 2015). Competing visions and goalsetting may be at the heart of this dissolution, and may be mirrored in both global tensions between market- and justice-based perspectives, as well as in the fragmented offices and disparate goalsetting of a large Canadian university, UX (a pseudonym). Thus, UX has a Problem of Practice wherein international supports do not work together in a concerted way to effectively support international, and perhaps other, marginalized students. In this Organizational Improvement Plan, transformative leadership will present a synergistic path forward, using Riel & Martin’s (2017) constructive alignment to distill positive elements of both perspectives, specifically informing the transformation of one such office of international support: the International Foundations Program. This vision is largely based on a wider vision of intercultural needs, including Indigenous, LGTB, and other marginalized populations alongside international within the learning community. These populations provide not only models for deeper recognition, service, and support in higher education, but also serve to expand the market for the International Foundations Program. Overall, the OIP is intended to provide leadership in UX internationalization support, with the eventual goal of restructuring internationalization offices and informing UX Internationalization policy.