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Doctor of Education




global competencies, international context, change path model, four frames of leadership, the change climb, Lean Startup


Teaching and assessing global competencies are areas of research that have become the focus of many educational organizations. This organizational improvement plan (OIP) examined the problem of a lack of global competencies taught, and international context provided, in an urban Canadian public school. The internal and external contextual landscape of the organization were considered, and available data analyzed to establish the need and readiness for change. Four primary solutions are proposed to solve this problem of practice: status quo and communication, international programs, strategic partnerships, and global competency education. Relying on contextual knowledge that connects the theories of servant, authentic, and distributed leadership with the change path model and the four frames of leadership, an organizational change framework has been developed. This framework, the Change Climb, will need to be tested and evaluated within a variety of institutions in order to accurately assess its adaptability and success. The hope would be that it becomes a flexible and effective tool to facilitate deliberate change in any organization. This OIP also describes a plan for measuring, monitoring, and evaluating change by employing the Lean Startup methodology.