Date of Submission

Summer 7-24-2017

Document Type



Doctor of Education



OIP Defense Chair

Dr. Elan Paulson


human resources, relevant, responsive, industry, polytechnic


Undergraduate students of business commonly view their time in school as a career-readying training ground preparatory to advancing into professional practice within industry settings. In preparing learners for success beyond the classroom, it is critical for post-secondary institutions (PSIs) to demonstrate alignment between program curriculum and workplace knowledge and skill requirements. This Organizational Improvement Plan (OIP) outlines a potential solution to improve the relevance of business degree programming (at a large, Canadian-based, polytechnic institution), according to marketplace requirements. More narrowly, this OIP presents a process of program review which not only ensures alignment of program curricula and workplace-required competencies, but also strengthens collaboration between PSIs and industry stakeholders.

This OIP emphasizes the importance of partnering with industry stakeholders to ensure alignment between program curricula and marketplace requirements (Andrews & Higson, 2007; Azevedo, Apfelthaler, & Hurst, 2012; Porter & McKibbin, 1988; Praslova, 2010). In addition, it points to the lack of congruence that presently exists between current curricula/assessment and industry-required knowledge and skills (Bennis & O’Toole, 2005; Pfeffer & Fong, 2002; Praslova, 2010).

Keywords: human resources, degree program, industry, knowledge, skills, curriculum, PACs, workplace, marketplace, relevant, responsive, business school, School of Business, polytechnic