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The chapter opens with a discussion on the growing impact of chronic disease in populations and the health system pressures to meet demands for ongoing care. In response a focus has shifted to delivery of care through teamwork, advocated because of the burgeoning health human resource shortages. The focus then shifts to how a framework for client-centered collaborative practice can be created in which a partnering relationship develops between clients, their families, and health providers within interprofessional teams. Exploration of this framework begins with a discussion about client engagement and client participation with the role of clients in their self-care being presented as a shift in traditional care provision. A discussion is then presented on the partnering relationships between clients and health providers in which they work together to achieve a common goal through non-hierarchical interactions and combining of their shared resources used through mutual respect for each other’s skills and competences as well as shared decision-making leading towards set goals. A case study is provided to operationalize the above concepts. Finally, collaborative client-centered care is provided as the outcome of all parties negotiating and adapting individual inputs into options for care to arrive at a shared plan all can support.

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Orchard, C., & Bainbridge, L. (2015). What is competence in client-centered collaborative practice? In C. Orchard, & L. Bainbridge (Eds.) Interprofessional client-centered collaborative practice: What is it? How can it be done? chapter 2. N.Y.: Nova Scientific Publishers.

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