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Authentic Leadership of Preceptors: Predictor of New Graduate Nurses' Work Engagement and Job Satisfaction

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Journal of Nursing Management





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Aim  To examine the relationships between new graduate nurses’ perceptions of preceptor authentic leadership, work engagement and job satisfaction.

Background  During a time when the retention of new graduate nurses is of the upmost importance, the reliance on preceptors to facilitate the transition of new graduate nurses is paramount.

Methods  A predictive non-experimental survey design was used to examine the relationships between study variables. The final sample consisted of 170 randomly selected Registered Nurses (RNs) with <3 years experience and who worked in an acute care setting.

Results  Hierarchical multiple regression demonstrated that 20% of the variance in job satisfaction was explained by authentic leadership and work engagement. Furthermore, work engagement was found to partially mediate the relationship between authentic leadership of preceptors and engagement of new graduate nurses.

Conclusions  New graduate nurses paired with preceptors who demonstrate high levels of authentic leadership feel more engaged and are more satisfied. Engagement is an important mechanism by which authentic leadership affects job satisfaction.

Implications for nursing management  Managers must be aware of the role preceptors’ authentic leadership plays in promoting work engagement and job satisfaction of new nurses.