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Three years ago, we set our sights on finding at least a few undocumented tornado tracks in the remote forests of northern Ontario.

We have covered greater distances and nurtured bigger ambitions since then.

From northern Ontario to all of Canada, from aircraft surveys to drones and satellites, from on-the- ground damage investigations to artificial intelligence analyses, the Northern Tornadoes Project is one of the most comprehensive tornado research projects in the country. It aims to better detect tornado occurrences throughout Canada, improve communication of tornado science and risk, and mitigate against harm to people and property. NTP also seeks to increase knowledge of tornado climatology to better understand trends due to climate change.

This report is our journey through the past three years. It tells you where we have been, and where we are headed.

The Northern Tornadoes Project took off through generous donations from Toronto-based social impact fund ImpactWX and Western University. The funds got the project started, and helped expand it from one province to the whole nation. We also acquired cutting-edge technology, and built an expert team of researchers, engineers, and meteorologists. This includes collaborations with Environment and Climate Change Canada, and research groups in Canada, United States, and the United Kingdom.