Most of the damage was to trees. Several tress in the narrow path were damaged between Garfield and Victoria. In general, young trees with a diameter of under 1ft were uprooted, larger trees, diameter greater than 1.5ft, appeared snapped off about halfway up. The snapped off tree tops appear to have caused a significant portion of the roof damage in the area. It appeared that only two or three houses sustained roof damage directly tied to the tornado. The uprooted/snapped off trees gave us the best indication of convergence . . . One lady found a large computer screen in her backyard and doesn't know who it belongs to. A trampoline was found in a factory parking lot, 3 houses down from where it originally was located. One family is missing a plastic 8FtX4Ft (rough size estimate) dining table from their back deck. Due to the sheds being moved, we think this is an F1 (low range) tornado.




Gananoque F1 21 August 2011, Marci Brady and Scott Weese


Gananoque F1 21 August 2011, Blake Richardson



Gananoque Damage Reports, NTP-UWO