About This Journal

Nota Bene is a musicology journal developed by the Don Wright Faculty of Music at Western University Canada. It seeks to publish essays of a high critical and rhetorical standard, written by undergraduate students from universities around the world. Essays in historical musicology, ethnomusicology, popular music studies, music theory, music education, and interdisciplinary subjects with a focus on the above are invited. All submissions are double-blind reviewed by a panel of professors from across Canada.

Nota Bene serves to supplement the undergraduate musicology student experience in several ways:

  • Nota Bene allows students interested in musicology to undergo the process of publishing a paper, including professor review and comments
  • Nota Bene encourages a community of undergraduate musicology students and seeks to provide a venue for a nation-wide discourse in musicology
  • Nota Bene provides information for young music students seeking more information about the discipline of musicology and its professional possibilities, offering a means for student communication through scholarly work and the academic publishing process

Nota Bene currently publishes one journal volume yearly. Its ISSN is 1920-8987.

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