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Clinical Protocols

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This protocol addresses procedures for audiometric assessment of hearing thresholds in infants and young children using behavioural measures of threshold and associated measures in a test battery. The scope of this document includes these assessments as funded by MCCSS for the Ontario Infant Hearing Program (IHP).

In infants and young children, modified operant conditioning is used to obtain systematic behavioural responses to sound from older infants and young children. These conditioned responses are used as the basis of behavioural audiometry until the child is developmentally able to complete standard audiometry, at about 3 to 5 years of age in typically developing children (Sabo et al., 2003).


The evidence-based clinical protocol statements in this document are the responsibility of the Child Amplification Laboratory at the University of Western Ontario and detailed endorsement of any specific product or by any other person is not implied. The programmatic, process and outcome review, and contractual statements in this document are the responsibility of the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. We acknowledge the contributions of Martyn Hyde, Nina Picton, and Judy Widen to earlier versions of this protocol.