Music Education Publications


Scholars in Music Education conduct research into jazz pedagogy, music theory, music analysis and performance, composition and, inclusive music pedagogies and philosophy and psychology of music education.

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Submissions from 2024


The Secret Path to Reconciliation Impact and Legacy of Gord Downie’s Musical Activism, Duncan McCallum

Submissions from 2019

Reflection from a Music Educator on Interdisciplinary Audiology Research, Cathy Benedict


Reconceptualizing “Music Making:” Music Technology and Freedom in the Age of Neoliberalism, Cathy Benedict and Jared O'Leary

Submissions from 2018

Thwarting the authority of purpose: Epistemic responsibility within collaborations, Cathy Benedict

A Qualitative Study of the Effects of Hearing Loss and Hearing Aid Use on Music Perception in Performing Musicians, Jonathan Matthew Vaisberg, Ashley Martindale, Paula Folkeard, and Cathy Benedict

Submissions from 2017


Pedagogical Encounters in Music: Thinking with Hannah Arendt, Cecilia F. Almqvist, Cathy Benedict, and Panagiotis A. Kenellopoulos


Spaces of Rupture: Wondering, Wandering, Remixing, Cathy Benedict

Submissions from 2016

"Reading" Methods, Cathy Benedict

Submissions from 2015

What do we think we know?, Cathy Benedict


Acts of Courage: Leaping into Mindful Music Teaching, Cathy Benedict and Patrick K. Schmidt

The Oxford Handbook of Social Justice in Music Education, Cathy Benedict, Patrick K. Schmidt, Gary Spruce, and P. Woodford

Submissions from 2014

Why do I Need a Why?, Cathy Benedict

Submissions from 2013

Creativity in and through pedagogy: Working with generalist educators in higher education, Cathy Benedict

Submissions from 2012


"Free As In Speech, But Not Free As In Beer": The Performativity of the U.S. National Standards, Cathy Benedict

Refusing Narratives: Functional Literacy and Determinism, Cathy Benedict


The social constract and music education: The emergence of political authority, Cathy Benedict

Utopian visions: Emancipatory possibilities, Cathy Benedict

The National Curriculum as Manifested Destiny, Cathy Benedict and Patrick K. Schmidt

Critical Perspectives in Canadian Music Education, Carol A. Beynon and Kari K. Veblen

Submissions from 2011


Theory as a Second Story: Extending a Tale, Cathy Benedict


The Politics of Not Knowing: The Disappearing Act of an Education in Music, Cathy Benedict and Patrick K. Schmidt

Submissions from 2010

Sociology and Music Education, Ruth Wright

Submissions from 2009

Designing Music Curriculum, Cathy Benedict

Methods and Approaches, Cathy Benedict


Processes of Alienation: Marx, Orff and Kodaly, Cathy Benedict