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Developer Satisfaction Survey 2017 Summary Report

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Game developers continue to recognize the need for diversity in the workplace, in the industry, and in game content, with developers scoring these items as important in higher rates than ever before. However, while the overwhelming majority of game developers recognize the importance of diversity, game development as a profession can still be unwelcoming, with half of survey respondents asserting that they do not believe there is equal treatment of developers, and half of respondents witnessing or experiencing inequity. Also concerning are the statistics around tenure in the industry, number of employers over the past five years, and intent to stay with current employers. Respondents report an average of 2.2 employers in the past 5 years, and self-employed contractors report working the most hours and also receiving the least compensation. Put simply, game development is at risk of losing the most experienced talent in the industry, and without proper support and protection, freelancers may bear the burden of the industry’s changing talent profile.


Published by the International Game Developers Association