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Effects on growth performance, feed efficiency, and health of weanling pigs fed fermented liquid whey inoculated with lactic acid bacteria that inhibit Escherichia coli in vitro

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Purpose: Infection and encrustation remain major limitations of ureteral stent use and to our knowledge no device has completely overcome these obstacles to date. Triclosan is a biocide currently used in a plethora of consumer and medical products that has recently been loaded into a ureteral stent. Using a rabbit model of UTI we examined the effects of triclosan impregnated stent segments on the growth and survival of Proteus mirabilis, a uropathogen commonly associated with device related UTI and encrustation. Materials and Methods: A total of 48 male New Zealand White rabbits were instilled transurethrally with 1 × 10 P. mirabilis 296. A stent curl from a triclosan eluting, Percuflex Plus® or Optima® ureteral stent was placed intravesically. Urine was cultured on days 1, 3 and 7. On day 7 the stents were assessed for encrustation and viable organisms, while the bladders were scored for the degree of inflammation. Results: Throughout the study urine isolated from the triclosan group contained significantly fewer viable organisms than controls with 7 of 13 animals completely clearing the infection by day 7. Similarly 9 of 13 triclosan eluting stents showed no viable organisms upon recovery and the remaining 4 showed significantly fewer organisms than controls. Urine and stents in all controls were positive for P. mirabilis at all time points. Although there was no significant difference in encrustation among the groups, bladders harvested from the triclosan group demonstrated significantly less inflammation. Conclusions: Triclosan eluting stents greatly decreased P. mirabilis growth and survival in a rabbit UTI model compared to controls. These stents may prove useful for decreasing device related P. mirabilis UTIs. © 2006 American Urological Association. 6

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