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Editor: Servanne Woodward, The University of Western Ontario
Associate Editors: Paul Benhamou, Purdue University
  Reed Benhamou, Indiana University
  Edmund J. Goehring, The University of Western Ontario
  Pierre Claude Reynard, The University of Western Ontario

Eighteenth-Century French World (ECFW) (ISSN 2371-722X) is a peer reviewed, trans-disciplinary, open-access electronic journal. We accept submissions (in French or English) from academic professionals working to understand the “French” World in the eighteenth century. We mean to study traditional literary and historical material as well as the international reception of French thought and art. French colonial world and early thought on colonialism is of interest. Swiss and Low Countries authors, translation studies of French works and the reception of French artists are considered as well.

ECFW will complement the four volumes published by Mestengo Press: Altered Narratives: Female Eighteenth-Century Authors Reinterpreted, ed. Servanne Woodward, and Anthony Purdy, Minette Gaudet and Peter Saìz, assistant editors, London, Ontario: Mestengo Press, 1997; Public Space of the Domestic Sphere = Espace public de la sphère domestique, ed. Servanne Woodward, and Roland V. Bonnel, Alain Goldschläger, Christine Roulston, and Peter Saìz, assistant editors, London, Ontario: Mestengo Press, 1997; Autobiographical Journeys = Promenades autobiographiques, eds. Servanne Woodward & Jeremy Worth, London, Ontario: Mestengo Press, 2001; Marivaux avec Michel Deguy, eds. Servanne Woodward & Wilson Baldridge, London, Ontario: Mestengo Press, 2001. For additional submission guidelines and format requirements, please click on the Submission Guidelines link on the side menu bar.

If you have any questions or are interested in being a reviewer for the journal, please contact the editor .