Masters of Clinical Anatomy Projects

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Masters of Clinical Anatomy Projects


Worldwide research has indicated that 50-90% of the population suffers from gingivitis, a mild form of periodontal disease (Armitage, 2000). Recently it has become hypothesized that not only is gum disease, or periodontal disease, detrimental to one’s oral health but may also have systemic consequences (Watt & Petersen, 2012). According to Bedgley (1994), when patients see, hear and participate in patient learning the retention of knowledge increases up to 80%. Computer based learning is now commonplace and has the potential to reach the masses. Thus, computer-based patient education could be highly effective in decreasing periodontal disease rates. Therefore, creation of an online periodontal disease educational tool could be effective in decreasing periodontal disease and promoting proper oral hygiene. The online tool was created using Articulate Storyline software with assistance from the Informational Technology Resource Center at Western University. The online tool consists of 4 modules: what is periodontal disease, types of periodontal disease, causes of periodontal disease, prevention of periodontal disease, plus a risk assessment quiz. Each module is further subdivided into relevant sections, which comprise information and images to provide more in-depth information to the patient. At the end of each module, the patient is able to complete a short multiple-choice quiz to actively participate in and assess their learning. Finally, a risk assessment section is presented at the end of the tool in order for patients to assess their risk for gum disease and highlights modifications they can make to lower their risk. In the future, the module will be assessed for effectiveness within the general at-risk population.

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