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Masters of Clinical Anatomy Projects


The subclavian artery (SCA) is an important vessel with several branches. However, significant pattern variations exist. Characterizing SCA branches and its relationships to landmark structures like the anterior scalene muscle (ASM) is important in surgery. Computed Tomography Angiograms from 55 patients were retrospectively analyzed using Aquarius iNtuition. Measurements were taken of: distance of origin of SCA branches from the aorta and the ASM-VA origin distance. Only 13 SCAs (12.9%) exhibited the highest prevalence in typical branching pattern. VA originated 1st in 80.2% of SCAs, with ITA arising 2nd (41.3%), TCT 3rd (47.3%), CCT 4th (43.6%) and DSA 5th branch (56.9%). Average VA-ASM distance was 14.14mm with 94.9% of VAs originating within 30mm proximal to the medial border of ASM. The subclavian artery branching order and pattern may present significant variation from the typical order. ASM is reliably positioned proximal to VA and may be used as a landmark for VA.

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