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Masters of Clinical Anatomy Projects


The anterolateral ligament (ALL) has recently been of interest due to the belief that it plays a role in controlling anterolateral rotational laxity. However, the relationship of the ALL andits attachment to the lateral meniscus has yet to be addressed. Firstly this investigation determined the effect that sectioning the ALL and lateral meniscus posterior root (LMPR) in an ACL deficient knee has on internal rotation. Secondly this research determined if differences exist in the mechanical properties of the supra- and infra- meniscal fibers of the ALL. The ALL was found to control internal rotation at higher degrees of knee flexion, while the LMPR acted closer to extension and the infra-meniscal fibers were shown to be stronger and stiffer than the supra-meniscal fibers. These findings suggest that the ALL and LMPR work together to limit internal rotation, and there is a biomechanical difference within sections of the ALL.

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