Linguistics Publications


Western has a dynamic cluster of linguistics researchers who have established a network of cross-Departmental collaborations and synergies.The lingustics researchers of UWO are active in a number of innovative disciplinary initiatives and interdisciplinary projects

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Submissions from 2021


Word Senses as Clusters of Meaning Modulations: A Computational Model of Polysemy, Jiangtian Li and Marc F. Joanisse


Maternal Depression, Child Temperament, and Early-Life Stress Predict Never-Depressed Preadolescents’ Functional Connectivity During a Negative-Mood Induction, Pan Liu, Matthew R.J. Vandermeer, Ola Mohamed Ali, Andrew R. Daoust, Marc F. Joanisse, Deanna M. Barch, and Elizabeth P. Hayden


Rich-club structure contributes to individual variance of reading skills via feeder connections in children with reading disabilities, Chenglin Lou, Alexandra M. Cross, Lien Peters, Daniel Ansari, and Marc F. Joanisse


Letter fluency in 7-8-year-old children is related to the anterior, but not posterior, ventral occipito-temporal cortex during an auditory phonological task, Jin Wang, Marc F. Joanisse, and James R. Booth


Reciprocal relations between reading skill and the neural basis of phonological awareness in 7- to 9-year-old children, Jin Wang, Julia Pines, Marc Joanisse, and James R. Booth

Submissions from 2018


Eyetracking of coarticulatory cue responses in children and adults, Alexandra M. Cross and Marc F. Joanisse


Cognitive changes in conjunctive rule-based category learning: An ERP approach, Rahel Rabi, Marc F. Joanisse, Tianshu Zhu, and John Paul Minda


Reading skill related to left ventral occipitotemporal cortex during a phonological awareness task in 5–6-year old children, Jin Wang, Marc F. Joanisse, and James R. Booth


ERPs reveal weaker effects of spelling on auditory rhyme decisions in children than in adults, Suzanne E. Welcome and Marc F. Joanisse

Do eye movements reveal differences between monolingual and bilingual children's first-language and second-language reading? A focus on word frequency effects, Veronica Whitford and Marc F. Joanisse

Submissions from 2017

Model-based approaches to child language disorders, Marc F. Joanisse

Creativity as a distinct trainable mental state: An EEG study of musical improvisation, Joel A. Lopata, Elizabeth A. Nowicki, and Marc F. Joanisse

Submissions from 2016

Functional activity and white matter microstructure reveal the independent effects of age of acquisition and proficiency on second-language learning, Emily S. Nichols and Marc F. Joanisse