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Major Research Paper

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Master of Public Administration


Political Science


Kate Graham

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Ontario’s municipalities exist at various stages of e-government adoption. Municipalities are faced with the challenge of adopting new technologies to meet expanding services demands. Both municipalities and the Provincial government face the challenge of developing policies to support information and communication technologies (ICT) adoption. Understanding the unique determinants of technology adoption can assist with this policy making. The study answers how organizational factors affect ICT adoption in small and rural municipalities; and how Ontario’s municipal modernization funding interacts with these determinants. The study examines the determinants of ICT adoption for ICT policies, online services, and electronic records management systems. Focusing on both organizational factors and grant engagement, a total population study was conducted on the CAO, Clerk, and Treasurer’s for the municipalities which received 2019 Provincial modernization grant funding. Findings suggest centralization is negatively associated with each ICT adoption investigated. Centralization, work routineness, and personal constraints negatively impact risk tolerance, with risk tolerance being positively associated with the adoption of online services. Finally, the study suggest grant engagement is positively related to ICT policy and online adoption. In summary, this study’s primary contributions are to explore American research findings within Ontario’s context, and to suggest Ontario’s municipal modernization funding successfully aligned with the municipal determinants of ICT adoption.