MPA Major Research Papers

Date of Award


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Major Research Paper

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Master of Public Administration


Political Science


Perez, Andres

Geographical Areas

London, Syria


The purpose of this document is to evaluate the City of London's experience with the Syrians resettlement initiation in order to identify lessons that can be used to enhance London's capacity to confront similar experiences. What are the main lessons learned by the City of London from Syrian Resettlement Initiative? This document will identify the positive and negative aspects of the work done by the City of London and the organizations in charge of settlement. The number of Syrian refugees that were accepted in London, added to the short time that the city had to prepare the settlement and integration of the Syrian refugees has been one of the biggest challenges the city has had. Fortunately, the experience, knowledge and joint work of City Hall, the organizations, the churches and the private sector have made the work lent in an optimal way, strengthening it for future situations. For the elaboration of this research, information was collected mainly from journal articles, TV videos, online government Website and government publications about the processes and cases of the Syrian refugees since the beginning of the war in Syria, the life in the refugee camps, the decision of Canada to receive a large number of Syrians in order to help that population, until the arrival and settling in London.