MPA Major Research Papers

Date of Award


Degree Type

Major Research Paper

Degree Name

Master of Public Administration


Political Science


Lyons, Joe

Geographical Areas

London, Ontario


The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) is a quasi-judicial tribunal with the authority to render decisions regarding land-use planning disputes. Using London, Ontario as a case study, this paper attempts to determine if municipalities or developers are generally more successful before the OMB when they are in direct opposition. The research seeks to highlight the underlying reasons why OMB makes its decisions, what it bases its decisions on, and any ramifications this may have for municipalities and developers. Through an extensive literature review, comparisons to other empirical studies of a similar nature, and a carefully selected research design, this paper provides evidence regarding the behaviour of the OMB. The findings reveal that it relies on two dominant factors to make its decisions: quality of planning designs and expert testimony.