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20th Century Regicide: The Controversial Nature of the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.


The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the circumstances surrounding the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in an attempt to provide evidence that the killing does meet the criteria of a conspiracy. Beginning by outlining a clear definition of a conspiracy theory, the paper attempts to provide a detailed description of the events that occurred leading up to, during, and following King’s assassination, paying specific attention to ambiguities related to James Earl Ray’s involvement and the action and reaction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Drawing from a variety of sources published as early as 1970 and as recently as 2014, this paper ultimately concludes that there is sufficient evidence to support the notion that the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. does meet the criteria of a conspiracy involving more than just one person, despite the fact that the evidence does not present a clear picture of exactly who else was involved.

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