Research in Kinesiology Publications examines human movement and overall physical and mental well-being. These presentations look at health and mobility throughout the lifespan and pregnancy as well as the effects of exercise and consumption habits.


Submissions from 2011


Garry Lapenskie's Last Lecture, Garry Lapenskie


Exercise during Pregnancy: What Are the Guidelines?, Michelle Mottola

Submissions from 2010


Aging, Physical Activity and Arthritis Part 1, Albert W. Taylor


Aging, Physical Activity and Arthritis Part 2, Albert W. Taylor

Submissions from 2009

Sweetened Beverage Consumption and Its Contributing Factors among School-aged Children–A Multilevel Analysis, Meizi He, Leonard Piché, Danielle Battram, Isabelle Giroux, Charlene Beynon, Jacqline Swans, and Rohna Hanning


Prenatal Fitness: The Expert, Michelle Mottola

Submissions from 2008


Validation of Windows for Examining Kinematics of the Foot with Respect to the Shoe Using a Multi-segment Foot Model, Rebecca Shultz, Trevor Birmingham, and Thomas R. Jenkyn

Submissions from 2004

The Stress Response to Exercise Is Gender Specific: Implications for Protection, Earl Noble, Jamie Melling, Kevin Milne, Zain Paroo, and David Thorp